Yearly Handprint Canvas {Year 5}

Though more than a month behind schedule, we finally got Miss G’s fifth yearly handprint canvas done and hung on her bedroom wall today.  

I absolutely adore this little tradition… It’s the simplest thing, but it goes without saying that I will probably treasure these little canvases forever.

When we first started it, I decided to buy 5 identical canvases all at once and I clearly remember feeling like my baby girl’s fifth birthday was an entire lifetime away.  And here we are.  My ‘bubba’ is not only already five years old, but she spends her mornings at Kindergarten and will be soon be a big sister.  Time can be cruel sometimes.

I’m not sure how many more canvases we’ll make as this time around Grae told me that now that she’s five, she no longer likes to get messy {ummm…what?!?}, but after this evening’s comment about maybe only making them until she’s 13, I’m holding out hope that we’ll make at least a couple more.  Either way, with a new little bubba on the way, I’ll be picking up another lot of five canvases soon. 


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